Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ding Ding Ding with the Bell


Set in St.Louis 1904, the four privelaged Smith daughters love the town they live in. Esther Smith(Judy Garland) falls in love with the boy next door when Mr.Smith learns he has an opportunity to move his family to New York. I love this musical! I love the hair, costumes, the singing is amazing. I have found that most people who haven't seen the film immediately recognize the songs.
Judy Garland singing The Trolley Song
The Smith's home.
 I love the architecture of this period.

Now time for some fun facts:

Judy Garland didn't want to play another virginal teenager, Director Vincente Minnelli convinced her play the role. Years later she said it was one of her favorite roles.

Makeup artist Dorothy Ponedel changed her appearance in several ways, including changing her hairline, reshaping eyebrows, and reshaping her lips. Judy Garland was so pleased she written Ponedel into her future contracts with MGM.

During filming, a steamy affair between Judy and Vincente began, they married after filming. Garland was 21 and Minelli was 43.
Vincente Minelli and Judy Garland 1945

Less than a year later, they had a daughter, which they named Liza with a Z. 

Portrait by Andy Warhol 1977

I want to apologize for the lack of posts from last week. I had several posts ready to go and for some reason it didn't save to my hard drive so Mr.M deleted my files on the computer. As you can guess I was a bit miffed. So I will try my bestest to recover the info I researched.
Everyone have a happy Tuesday



  1. I love Liza in Cabaret!

  2. Meet Me In St. Louis brings back such great memories. My mom loves that movie, which means I love it. :-)

  3. @strawberry I think it is one of those films that will always bring back happy memories.

  4. clang clang clang went the trolley, ding ding ding went the bell, thump thump thump went my heartbeat! OH MY! This is one of my FAVES! My parents got me a Judy Garland boxed set at Costco when I was in elementary school and this one was in it. Meet me in St. Loui Loui! Great songs. Thanks for the facts! Kinda wondered where she met her baby daddy hehe.

  5. How awesome, I just heart costco. I used to sing the trolley song all the time, so it was banned from my house! lol