Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blending is the Secret..

I am back! Whew that trip was a whirlwind, I will have some pics to post soon, promise! Now back to this blog, so I usually do a classic movie review along with some stills and maybe a video. With the holiday season approaching I am currently obsessed with Tim Burton, and my favorite film of his is Edward Scissorhands. 


I love this movie! It is about a creator who is in the process of making Edward (Johnny Depp) and he dies before he is complete. Edward has lived alone for a long time until a local neighbor takes him in. I love the imagery they play with as well as the characters. This was Vincent Price's last role before he passed away. The role of the creator was specifically written for him.

Vincent Price
I wouldn't mind hanging my hat there *drools*

I remember watching this in grade school and the scariest thing to me, was the actual neighborhood.
To me, it is still creepy to matching cars and houses.

Well that is it for now, hopefully I can get caught up and get my blogs I have been working on to load on the actual computer. Everyone have a great Hump Day!



  1. I love everything Tim Burton has made! His movies just fits my personality SO well! And his frequent use of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in his movies doesn't make it worse! Really feel like watching "Edward scissorhands" again. It was a long time since I saw it last... :)

  2. I just adore Helena Bonham Carter, isn't she fabulous? I tend to watch movies I haven't seen in a while and then rediscover why I love them so much.

  3. My parents took me to the theater to see this. Don't know what they were thinking, it tripped me out. There was a man in Mexico that dressed as Edward and had scissor hands, and if u gave him pesos he would run his fingers through your hair. It was a great act.

  4. That sounds like an awesome act, not gonna lie I would be scared but still do it.