Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's that time again..

 Starring Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron

I have to admit I am biased, I love anything with Fred Astaire in it. His acting, singing and most of all his choreography just gets me everytime. The plot consists of a successful millionare who anonymously sponsors a young french girl to attend college in the states. During her time at college she writes her sponsor and falls in love with him, but he never reads the letters and shows up at a dance 3 years later. The dancing is amazing, there are some dream sequences which I just adore.
Some of the dream sequence shots

I love any movie with costume changes and a dance number. I think it's because it really is fantasy and light hearted.
 Here is a bit of trivia related to the movie Daddy Long Legs;
Fred Astaire's wife of 21 years died of lung cancer right before filming was to take place. He was convinced to continue with the movie, and inbetween takes he would go to his trailer and cry his eyes out.
Leslie Caron in real life is a ballet dancer and was discovered by Gene Kelly.
Fred Astaire personally requested that Leslie Caron be in the role.
Everyone have a great Tuesday! Im almost 100% better from the flu, woot!