Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let Me Entertain You

Happy Tuesday Dolls. I apologize for the lack of posts these past few days, there was quite a bit going on this weekend and the hubby had a few extra days off so quality time was definately spent. Now on to the second installment of Classic Movie Tuesdays.
 Straight from 1945 supporting the war effort is Anchors Aweigh! Starring Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Kathryn Grayson.
The plot is...light..Two Navy buddies on leave in Los Angeles, one is naive(Frank Sinatra) and the other is more experienced in the ways of the world(Gene Kelly.) There are some great dance numbers as well as beautiful costumes.
Kathryn Grayson and Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra

The movie is in Technicolor! I don't know about you, but I like black and white and color movies. Some of the 1920's films are a bit hard to watch due to lighting and the technology they had at the time. There is a very famous scene with Jerry Mouse and Gene Kelly dancing together. Family Guy even spoofed the scene in one of their episodes. Below is a video of the scene. On the left is the Family Guy spoof and on the right is the original.

An interesting bit of trivia, Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra were the same height, Gene Kelly had was 30 lbs heavier and all of it was muscle.
 If anyone has any requests about a particular movie feel free to just ask! Everyone have a great Tuesday.



  1. oh God I have it so bad for Gene Kelly. If you ask me what famous man I like I'll say Gene Kelly and Tupac. both deceased. He was an amazing athletic dancer. Loved his body! 30 lbs of muscle mama like.

  2. I feel you on that. I think my crush would be Tony Curtis,damn that man was fiiineee.


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