Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

  Today is Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.  Wll I love all holidays, any excuse to have a party and dress up and Im for it. This past weekend me and Mr.M had some friends over for an impromtu Halloween party. We weren't going to have one this year because most of the people we know are out of town currently, so I just figured everyone had plans. I was wrong, that is what happens when you assume and don't ask. I tried to go for a black and white Pleasantville look. That makeup is so hard to work with so I ended up looking more like a fresh zombie.
Mr.M as David Lee Roth
 (I know all of you ladies are so jealous right now)
The Brawny paper towel guy who was captured by pirates.
My awesome friend went as a sugar skull!
I could NOT stop staring at her makeup

I lovveeddd her costume, so creative and inexpensive. What did everyone do for halloween weekend or does anyone have plans tonight? We are just passing out candy to the trick or treaters and watching another Tim Burton Movie Nightmare Before Christmas. I remember I first saw that movie in theatres and it scared the poo out of me, literally I pooed my pants.
Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe and send me all of your candy.



  1. Madame Sophia knows all. Your nalgas came to me in a dream haha jk. Thanks for the love, spooky pretty lady.